Submitting Data to RRC with EDI

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a filing method where a data file, in a standard format, is submitted electronically to the RRC by the operator. Because EDI documents must be processed by computers, a standard format must be used so that the computer can read and understand the documents. A standard format defines and describes the required format (e.g., integer, decimal, mmddyy) of each piece of information in the data file. 

The following types of data can be submitted as EDI files through RRC Online:

  • Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report (H-10)
  • Completion Reports
  • Oil & Gas Well Status Reports (G-10/W-10)
  • Pipeline Integrity forms (PS-81 and PS-95)
  • Production Reports (PR)
  • Texas Damage Reporting Form (TDRF)
  • Natural Gas Tariffs


To submit the Oil & Gas Transporter Reports (T-1) form as an EDI file, use the link below for instructions.

Instructions for Filing T-1s Using EDI