RRC Online Security Requirements

Authorization Procedures

 Refer to 16 Texas Administrative Code [TAC] §3.80

Security Administrator Designation

An approved Security Administrator Designation (SAD) Form must be on file with the Railroad Commission as a condition of participation in electronic filing with the Commission, including filings through the RRC Online System. More than one security administrator can be designated, but a separate SAD form must be completed for each additional security administrator. Participants may change a Security Administrator Designation at any time. For more information on the Security Administrator functions and responsibilities, please see the RRC Online System frequently asked questions, and the PDF instructions for user account creation/maintenance.

Once the Commission approves the Security Administrator Designation, the security administrator will be notified of his or her assigned User ID by email. The security administrator can then further distribute security by assigning additional User IDs to employees within the company and designating which forms they are authorized to file electronically with the Commission. A SAD FORM SHOULD NOT BE FILED FOR EACH USER ACCOUNT. The security administrator(s) will have complete control over who within the company receives authorization to file electronically. The security administrator is responsible for maintaining security of all assigned User IDs and passwords.  

For filings made on behalf of an operator by an independent third party, the operator on whose behalf the filing was made is responsible for compliance with all Commission rules and regulations relating to the filing and any permit issued by the Commission.

If the Commission determines that a filing made by an independent third party on behalf of an operator was not authorized by the operator, the Commission may take action to suspend or revoke the Security Administrator Designation of the independent third party and may pursue an enforcement action against the independent third party for violation of Texas Natural Resources Code, §91.143. Violations of §91.143 may result in the assessment by the Commission of an administrative penalty of up to $1,000 per incident after an administrative hearing is held. Violations of §91.143 may also be subject to separate criminal prosecution.

Passwords must have a minimum length of six (6) and no more than thirty (30) characters. Passwords may consist of alphabetic characters, numeric characters, the following special characters (@, #, {, }, $, or | ), or any combination of these characters.

Completed Security Administrator Designation (SAD) Form should be submitted by electronic mail (email) to rrconline-security@rrc.texas.gov.

If you are unable to submit your completed form via email, you may mail the Security Administrator Designation (SAD) Form to: 

Railroad Commission of Texas
Permitting/Production Services
1701 North Congress Avenue
P.O. Box 12967
Austin, TX 78711‑2967

Receipt of the Security Administrator Designation will be acknowledged by e-mail.