GAU Determination for a Seismic Survey

Required Documents

To request a Groundwater Protection Determination for a Seismic Survey, submit the following documents to the Railroad Commission of Texas via e-mail to, regular US Mail, or an overnight express service:

  • a letter on your company’s letterhead that includes:
    • the company’s name, address, and phone number
    • the contact person
    • email address (if available)
    • the name of the proposed seismic program
    • the county or counties in which the project is located
    • the depth of the shot holes
    • the size (in pounds) of the explosive charge used in each shot hole
  • a map showing the shot-hole locations and the land survey lines

Expected Processing Time Frame

Once all required information is received and determined to be administratively complete, the estimated processing time for a Seismic Survey letter is seven (7) business days.