Christian Applauds Congressman Brady on Ending Electric Car Subsidies in Tax Bill

November 02, 2017

AUSTIN– Today, Commissioner Wayne Christian (R – Texas) applauded Congressman Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, for including the elimination of the federal electric vehicle as part of the initial draft on tax-reform. The subsidy pays individuals – through a tax credit program implemented by the IRS – as much as $7,500 to purchase an electric car.

Earlier this week, Christian sent a letter to Brady and the Texas delegation encouraging them to include this measure in the tax-reform package. You can read his letter here.

“These Obama-era subsidies circumvent the free-market by picking winners and losers, while doing virtually nothing to tangibly protect the environment,” said Christian.

“I applaud Congressman Brady and the Texas Delegation for considering my letter and including the removal of this boondoggle as part of the tax-reform package.”

“This fight is far from over, and this bill has a long way to journey before it makes it to President Trump’s desk but I am encouraged we are having this discussion at the national level,” continued Christian. “Additional subsides exist at a state level, and I hope Texas has a similar discussion prior to the next legislative session.”

Last Summer, Christian had similar success visiting with Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn about confirming FERC Nominees, Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson, before the Senate adjourned for its August recess. The lack of quorum had put in danger nearly two dozen pipeline projects totaling nearly $25 billion and 75,000 jobs.

"I have been impressed with the leadership our Texas delegation in the House and Senate has taken on issues of energy," said Christian. "I look forward to continue to work with them in the future to ensure Texas continues to create jobs and economic growth."

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