Commissioner Christian Applauds President Trump for Removing U.S. from Paris Climate Accords

June 02, 2017

AUSTIN– Today, Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian (R – Texas) applauded President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords. 

“The Obama Administration entered the United States into a lopsided agreement which would require our nation to drastically reduce carbon emissions -- killing jobs, harming our economy, and increasing energy costs for consumers – while allowing other nations like Russia and China to increase emissions for the foreseeable future,” said Commissioner Christian. 

“By withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords, Trump has demonstrated his continued commitment to putting America first and prioritizing jobs for middle-class Americans,” continued Christian.

“It is refreshing to have an administration that avoids basing regulatory decisions on politically-driven rhetoric disguised as science. As we have shown in Texas, both the economy and environment prosper when regulations are consistent, predictable, and based on proven, sound science.” 

A lifelong conservative businessman, Wayne Christian was elected to join the Railroad Commission of Texas in November 2016. In 1996, Christian was elected to the House of Representatives as the first Republican elected from Deep East Texas since Reconstruction after the Civil War. During his time in the Texas House, Christian served as Vice-Chair of Regulated Industries and as a multi-term member of the Energy Resource Committee. On these committees, he had direct oversight of the Railroad Commission and accumulated a strong record of standing for free markets and against burdensome regulations.

About the Railroad Commission:
Our mission is to serve Texas by our stewardship of natural resources and the environment, our concern for personal and community safety, and our support of enhanced development and economic vitality for the benefit of Texans. The Commission has a long and proud history of service to both Texas and to the nation, including almost 100 years regulating the oil and gas industry. The Commission also has jurisdiction over alternative fuels safety, natural gas utilities, surface mining and intrastate pipelines. Established in 1891, the Railroad Commission of Texas is the oldest regulatory agency in the state. To learn more, please visit