Mr. President — IGNORE Putin and Unleash Texas

RRC Commissioner Christian's Statement on Russian Plans to Cut Oil Production

February 10, 2023

AUSTIN - Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian issued the following statement regarding news of Russia's plans to cut oil production by about 5% next month, the equivalent of 500,000 barrels per day:

“As President Biden doubles down on his anti-oil and gas agenda, our enemies overseas smell blood in the water and are using their production as leverage against the West.  We have the natural resources, the technology, and the manpower to be energy independent. We just need the federal government to get out of the way.

“Mr. President — I commit to you today that if you stop your war against domestic oil and gas production, Texas can make up this 500,000-barrel difference and more. There truly is no downside! You even admitted so in your State of the Union address that we will need more oil for the foreseeable future. Let’s start here at home. We can defend our national security and our European allies, all the while increasing supply, reducing costs, creating jobs, stimulating our economy, and protecting our environment!

“As former Vice Chair and current member of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), I’m confident that Texas is not alone in the promise to increase production. I’m sure that North Dakota, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and others can easily help make up any impact on the oil market that this move by Russia may have on global prices.

 “President Biden, you can save lives by unleashing American producers. Europe is in the midst of an energy crisis with concerns whether people will freeze to death this winter. Furthermore, high energy prices hurt the poorest populations and nations the most, with 80% of the world relying on fossil fuels. Putin’s threat to drive up oil prices will do so much more than hurt the West and continue his brutal war, it will have resounding unintended consequences to the children and the poor in developing nations that struggle just to get by each day.”

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis, as critical natural gas has been cut by more than 80% multiplying electricity costs by 15 times.


A lifelong conservative businessman, Wayne Christian was elected as our 50th Texas Railroad Commissioner in November 2016. Prior to his time at the Commission, Christian served seven sessions in the Texas House of Representatives, accumulating a strong record of standing for free markets and against burdensome regulations. Christian is married to his wife, Lisa, and together they have three daughters, Liza, Lindsey and Lauren. You can learn more about Chairman Christian here.

About the Railroad Commission:
Our mission is to serve Texas by our stewardship of natural resources and the environment, our concern for personal and community safety, and our support of enhanced development and economic vitality for the benefit of Texans. The Commission has a long and proud history of service to both Texas and to the nation, including almost 100 years regulating the oil and gas industry. The Commission also has jurisdiction over alternative fuels safety, natural gas utilities, surface mining and intrastate pipelines. Established in 1891, the Railroad Commission of Texas is the oldest regulatory agency in the state. To learn more, please visit