RRC Launches LoneSTAR for Forms P-5, W-3C, and W-3X Online Filing

July 01, 2024

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has launched the Railroad Commission State Tracking and Reporting (LoneSTAR) portal allowing operators online filing and record viewing for oil and gas functions.

The first release of LoneSTAR includes:

  • Processes associated with filing a new, renewal, and record-only Form P-5, Organization Report, to become an oil and gas operator or pipeline operator under the jurisdiction of the RRC;
  • Form W-3C, Certification of Surface Equipment Removal for an Inactive Well; and
  • Form W-3X, Extension of Deadline for Plugging an Inactive Well.

Future releases will include other oil and gas and environmental permitting processes.

Operators, who are authenticated users, can log into LoneSTAR to submit applications, and upload other documents for review and approval by the RRC. To become an authenticated user, you must request access to the RRC Access Management Process (RAMP) through your organization’s Delegated Administrator. Each company must designate at least one Delegated Administrator to manage their LoneSTAR authenticated users. The Delegated Administrator can create new users, reset passwords, inactivate accounts, and perform other administrative tasks for their organization’s users. To become a Delegated Administrator, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/apps/rrc-ramp/.

Once the Forms P-5, W-3C or W-3X are submitted online, LoneSTAR will generate a print-friendly PDF. All submissions will be available to view in the system. When filing online, payment of fees must be made through the online portal.

While the RRC will continue to accept hard copy filings of the Forms P-5, W-3C and W-3X, operators are strongly encouraged to file online for efficient and timely filing. 

To view the user guide and videos on how to file the Forms P-5, W-3C and W-3X online, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/oil-and-gas/rrc-lonestar/.

If you have questions regarding this notice, contact the RRC’s P-5 Financial Assurance section at P5@rrc.texas.gov or 512-463-6772.