Central Records Temporary Closure Notice

To ensure the safety of the public and Railroad Commission of Texas staff in response to COVID-19 pandemic, Central Records will be closed beginning at 2 p.m. on Friday, December 10, 2021 to be sanitized.
Customers wishing to make payments, conduct research, or submit paperwork in person on this day, will need to do so before 2 p.m.
Central Records will reopen on Monday, December 13.

RRC Accepting Comments on Revisions to Form P-4

Producer’s Transportation Authority and Certificate of Compliance

June 24, 2021

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is accepting public comment on proposed revisions to the form and associated instructions for the Form P-4, Producer’s Transportation Authority and Certificate of Compliance.

The proposed revisions include three changes to the Form P-4 and two changes to the instructions.

  • First, in number 12. – Purpose of Filing, the addition of a field for an RRC issued Docket number. This change will allow the RRC to refer to any cases currently pending or issued concerning the transfer.
  • Second, in number 12. – Purpose of Filing, the addition of separate check boxes for Field Transfer, Unitization, and Subdivision. The Field Transfer check box is new, while the Unitization and Subdivision were originally placed together. The new check boxes will be implemented to allow operators to select the appropriate reason for transfer.
  • Third, in number 12. – Purpose of Filing, the removal of the OR option. The operator will be required to enter information for both items (a. Change of: and b. New RRC Number:).  Previously, operators had the option to choose either (a. or b.) which led to form submission errors.

The current Form P-4 Instructions do not list instructions for Purpose of Filing. The proposed revisions make the necessary changes to align with the form.

Public comments will be accepted through July 24, 2021. To view the proposed revisions and submit a comment, visit the RRC's Proposed Form Changes page.