PERC Dispenser Operations Exemption

Training Directly Through PERC

Propane Education & Research

Per TAC §9.20(1), an individual may perform work and directly supervise LP-gas activities requiring contact with LP-gas if the individual is granted the Dispenser Operations Certificate Exemption. The exemption may be obtained by completing the PERC Dispensing Propane Safely course, including examination. To be granted the exemption through PERC, the applicant must submit a properly completed LPG Form 16P along with the required documentation. If all requirements are met, the individual will become a DOT cylinder filler and motor/mobile fuel filler certificate holder.

Please see the steps below to complete the process.

  1. Access the Learning Center on PERC’s website at
  2. Under Safety & Technical Training, select Dispensing Propane Safely
    image of webpage at
  3. Complete all 3 Dispensing Propane Safely courses including examinations
    • Small Cylinder
    • Autogas
    • Refueling Motorhomes and ASME Mounted Tanks
      image of Certificate of Completion
  4. Save your Certificate of Completion for each course 
    • PERC transcript example
  5. Save your transcript showing the 3 classes and quizzes completed.
    • Dispensing Propane Safely: Small Cylinder, Filling by Weight and Volume
      • Note: Separate 'Filling by Weight' and 'Filling by Volume' quizzes are acceptable.
    • Dispensing Propane Safely: Motorhomes and ASME Tanks
    • Dispensing Propane Safely: Dispensing Autogas
      image of LPG Form 16P
  1. Complete LPG Form 16P
  2. Submit the completed form with the following documentation:
    • Copy of Certificate of Completion for each section of the Dispensing Propane Safely course, issued to the individual listed on the form, with a completion date after 7/18 and within 6 months of the form submission.
    • Copy of the PERC transcript listing the examinations completed.
    • Copy of a state-issued identification card or driver’s license, including photo.
    • $40 registration fee.
  1. Email the completed form and documentation to
  2. AFS will review the application to verify all requirements have been met.
  3. If all requirements have been met AFS will send a certificate to the licensee listed on the form.


Training Through an Approved PERC-Based Training Course

Per TAC §9.20(2), any individual who completes an approved PERC-based course, administered by an approved company, will be granted a Dispenser Operations Certificate Exemption. The course shall include training and examination and the approved company must submit the required report listing individuals in attendance.

If all requirements have been met, the individual will become a DOT cylinder filler and motor/mobile fuel filler certificate holder and AFS will send a certificate to the licensee listed on the report.

AFS may refuse to issue a certificate for an individual who presents for credit an unapproved course; a course from an unapproved company; or a course using unapproved, incomplete, or incorrect materials.


Requirements for all Certificate Exemptions

  • The Dispenser Operations Certificate Exemption does not become effective until the certificate is issued by AFS.
  • Certificate holders issued a Dispenser Operations Certificate exemption must comply with the Texas specific rule requirements listed below:
    1. 9.135 of this title (relating to Unsafe or Unapproved Containers, Cylinders, or Piping);
    2. 9.136 of this title (relating to Filling of DOT Containers);
    3. 9.137 of this title (relating to Inspection of Cylinders at Each Filling);
    4. 9.141(d) and (g) of this title (relating to Uniform Safety Requirements); and
    5. the entry for NFPA 58 § in the Figure in §9.403 of this title (relating to Sections in NFPA 58 Not Adopted by Reference, and Adopted with Changes or Additional Requirements).
  • The certificate accrues to the individual and is nontransferable.
  • An individual who has been issued a certificate must make the certificate readily available and present it to any Commission employee or agent who requests proof of certification.
  • Individuals issued a Dispenser Operations exemption must be employed by a licensee and comply with all renewal requirements, including continuing education requirements. Failure to renew will result in an expired certification.

Continuing Education Credit

AFS may also award continuing education credit to DOT cylinder filling or motor/mobile fuel filler certificate holders for individuals submitting LPG Form 16P or individuals attending a PERC-based course administered by an approved company.

PERC-Based Training Approval

Per TAC §9.55, a company may apply to have their PERC-based training materials approved for training and certification or continuing education credit to DOT cylinder filling or motor/mobile fuel filler employee-level applicants and certificate holders.

Please see the steps below to complete the process.

  1. The PERC-based course shall be consistent with the guidelines established by the PERC Dispensing Propane Safely course.
  2. The PERC-based course curriculum and course materials must:
    1. include training on all modules within the 3 sections of PERC’s Dispensing Propane Safely course.
    2. include training on the Texas specific requirements listed above.
    3. include examinations consistent with all 3 sections of the PERC course.
    4. be organized and easily readable
      image of PERC based Training Application
  1. To apply, the company must submit the PERC-Based Training Application along with the following:
    • for the PERC-based course to be administered:
      • a description of the course;
      • the course curriculum, consistent with the requirements of subsection (c) of this section;
      • course examination materials; and
      • links to or digital copies of any videos included in the course curriculum or examination materials
  1. AFS will review the application for PERC-based training approval
  2. AFS shall notify the applicant in writing if the application is approved and the applicant may then begin offering courses.
  3. PERC-based courses must be administered using the materials submitted to and approved by AFS. Revisions to any course materials previously approved by AFS must be submitted in writing, along with a nonrefundable $100 review fee to AFS.
  4. Within ten business days of the conclusion of a course, the approved company administering the course shall report to AFS the following information:
    1. the company’s name and license number, if applicable;
    2. list of the persons completing the course, including the following information for each individual listed:
      • full name,
      • last four digits of the person's social security number or RRC identification number;
      • the date the course was completed;
      • personal mailing address;
      • the individual's employer; and
      • the individual’s employer’s license number if the course was administered by an approved company that is not the individual’s employer.
  1. The report shall be made electronically.
  2. A $40 registration fee must be submitted for each individual listed in the report.