LPG Installation Permits

All stationary facilities for commercial use must be permitted. Filings required for permitting are based upon the storage capacity of the facility.

Plans must be submitted PRIOR to installation of containers at facilities having an aggregate water capacity of 10,000-gallons or greater. The construction of the installation cannot begin until the plans are reviewed and approved by the Alternative Fuels Safety (AFS) department. Notification to property owners is required as part of the application process. The requirements for plan submission can be found in §9.101(c) of the LP-Gas Safety Rules. The plans are submitted with an LPG Form 500. Notification to property owners requires the use of an LPG Form 500A. Filing fees are required for original and re-submissions. A Form 500 Submission Checklist may be used to assist the applicant in determining all items are submitted correctly

At facilities with an aggregate water capacity of less than 10,000 gallons, licensees must submit a Completion Report, LPG Form 501, within 30 days of completing a container or cylinder storage rack installation. The report verifies that the installation complies with applicable safety regulations. The form is submitted with a filing fee for each container or storage rack listed on the completion report. If the form must be resubmitted due to incorrect or missing information, a resubmission fee is required; the fee is charged per returned form, NOT per container/rack.

Plans/Completion Reports:


Form 500


Form 500 Resubmission


Form 501

$10.00 per container/rack

Form 501 Resubmission