Proposed Form Amendments

This page lists proposed changes to Railroad Commission of Texas forms that are currently under consideration. 
For each revision, the information below will provide:

  1. a link to the current version of the form;
  2. a link to the proposed form as amended;
  3. a synopsis of the proposed changes; and
  4. the status of the proposed amendment:
    1. Considered – a proposed amendment under consideration by staff but not yet brought forward for consideration by the Commission;
    2. Proposed – a proposed amendment that has been presented to the Commission for consideration; or
    3. Adopted – a proposed amendment that has been approved by the Commission for adoption.


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Form Number
Form PR and Instructions
Form Title
Monthly Production Report
Current Version
June 2019

Proposed Version
December 2020

Summary of Changes

The proposed revisions will support the RRC’s regulation of flaring and venting of produced natural gas. The proposed revisions are to the Form PR Instructions, how operators need to complete the form, not to the structure of the form itself.

The proposed revisions include three changes to the Form PR Instructions.

First, “Disposition Code 4”, which is currently used to report the volume of gas that was vented or flared, will be discontinued. 

Second, two new disposition codes will be implemented to allow operators to allocate gas. For gas that was flared “Disposition Code 10” will be used. For gas that was vented “Disposition Code 11” will be used. This change will allow the RRC to quantify the legal disposition of gas that was flared and vented.

Third, when an operator allocates gas to Disposition Codes 10 or 11, the operator will be required to enter one or more two-letter codes to the existing “REMARKS” field on the form. Those two letter codes correspond to the authority under which the gas was flared or vented, and include: AR – Authorized by Rule, AE – Authorized by Exception, EP – Exception Pending, EX – Exempt  
Comment Deadline
January  8, 2021
12-08-2020 Commission Approval to post

You may provide comments on any Oversight & Safety form amendments under consideration, using the
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