Central Records Temporary Closure Notice

To ensure the safety of the public and Railroad Commission of Texas staff in response to COVID-19 pandemic, Central Records will be closed beginning at 2 p.m. on Friday, December 10, 2021 to be sanitized.
Customers wishing to make payments, conduct research, or submit paperwork in person on this day, will need to do so before 2 p.m.
Central Records will reopen on Monday, December 13.

RRC Hosts Workshop for Rulemaking Related to the Implementation of Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 3648

October 01, 2021

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) will host a workshop to address proposed new rule 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §3.65, relating to Critical Designation of Natural Gas Infrastructure. The workshop will be held at 9:30 a.m. in Room 1-111 of the William B. Travis Building. For information on the visiting the RRC, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/about-us/organization-and-activities/visiting-the-railroad-commission/.

The proposed rule implements a process for designating certain natural gas entities as critical during an energy emergency as specified in Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 3648 passed by the 87th Legislature (Regular Session).

The RRC has also proposed new forms and a table related to this rulemaking.

  • Form CI-D, Acknowledgement of Critical Customer/Critical Gas Supplier Designation, would be submitted by an operator of a facility designated as critical acknowledging the facility’s critical status.
  • Form CI-X, Critical Customer/Critical Gas Supplier Designation Exception Application, would be submitted by an operator certifying a facility needs an exception to critical designation because the facility is not prepared to operate in a weather emergency.
  • Table CCI, specifies the information that an operator is required to submit to electric entities for load shed prioritization.

To view the proposed rule and forms and submit comments online by Monday, November 1, 2021, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/general-counsel/rules/proposed-rules/ under “Chapter 3: Oil and Gas” and https://www.rrc.texas.gov/forms/proposed-form-amendments/.

For questions regarding the workshop, contact the RRC at rulescoordinator@rrc.texas.gov.