Additional CNG and LNG Certification Online Examinations Available May 1

April 15, 2024

Beginning May 1, 2024, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is expanding the CNG and LNG certification examinations that are offered online. Prior to May 1, the CNG and LNG examinations available online were only employee-level CNG Transport Driver/Service & Installation and LNG Transport Truck Driver, respectively. Now the examinations include all employee-level and most management-level.

A list of online examinations is available on the RRC website at

CNG Delivery Truck Driver Examination Update

Beginning May 1, the previous CNG examination for Transport Driver, which includes Service and Installation, will no longer be a combined examination in response to a recent amendment to Texas Administrative Code §13.70(c), Examination and Exempt Registration Requirements and Renewals.

The new CNG Delivery Truck Driver examination will qualify an individual to operate a cargo tank, load, and unload CNG and connect and disconnect transfer hoses and operate a cylinder delivery unit.

Individuals will need to take a separate Service and Installation Technician examination to qualify them to perform all CNG activities related to stationary CNG systems, including CNG containers, piping, and equipment. Please note that the Service and Installation examination does not authorize an individual to fill containers or operate a CNG transport.

If you have questions, contact the RRC’s Alternative Fuels Training Center at or 512-463-2682.