NTO - Discontinuation of Supplement Mailings

February 28, 2024

Effective April 1, 2024, the Railroad Commission of Texas will no longer mail supplements to operators. Information provided in the supplements is available in the Online Research Queries on the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/resource-center/research/research-queries/.

A supplement is information mailed to an operator notifying them of well status in response to the forms filed with and processed by the RRC. Currently, supplements are generated nightly and mailed the following day to the address listed on the operator’s Organization Report (Form P-5). These supplements provided value to operators prior to the introduction of RRC’s online applications that allow for tracking of regulatory Oil and Gas Division functions.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact the Well Compliance Section of the RRC’s Oil and Gas Division at prorationunit@rrc.texas.gov or 512-463-6975.

Please Forward to the Appropriate Section of Your Company