Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting

Fraud, waste, or abuse can be related to the expenditure of state funds for:

  • The General Appropriations Act-expenditures by state agencies, colleges, and universities or use of state grant money
  • The federal stimulus or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Hurricane Ike

Texas Government Code, Section 321.022, requires state agencies to report suspected fraud or unlawful conduct to the State Auditor's Office if there are facts (not just mere suspicion) that point to fraud or unlawful conduct. Persons or entities reporting fraud to the State Auditor's Office (SAO) do not have to establish probable cause and/or have a suspect.

To report fraud, waste or abuse occurring at a Texas state agency, college, or university call the State Auditor's Office (SAO) Hotline at 1-800-TX-AUDIT (892-8348) or you can go to the SAO's website. Persons who report fraud may choose to remain anonymous.

Last Updated: 8/11/2015 8:07:45 AM