RRC Seeks Input on Creation of Pipeline Safety and Regulatory Fee


The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is accepting comments on potential amendments to 16 Texas Administrative Code §3.70, for the creation of a pipeline safety and regulatory fee pursuant to the RRC's Sunset Bill, House Bill 1818 (HB 1818, 85th Legislature, Regular Session, 2017). If you wish to offer comments, please email your comments to rulescoordinator@rrc.texas.gov by 12 p.m. on January 2, 2018.

HB 1818 amended §81.071 of the Natural Resources Code to authorize the RRC to establish pipeline safety and regulatory fees for permits or registrations for pipelines under the RRC’s jurisdiction. Fee amounts should be sufficient to support the RRC’s pipeline safety and regulatory program costs including permitting or registration costs, administrative costs, and salary costs.

On Tuesday, November 28, the RRC hosted a Pipeline Fee Workshop to receive stakeholder input on the issue. To view the webcast archive of the workshop, visit the AdminMonitor website at http://adminmonitor.com/tx/rrc/workshop/20171128/.

For more information, contact Haley Cochran, Office of General Counsel, at 512-463-5573 or Kari French, Director of the Oversight and Safety Division, at 512-463-8559.