RRC to Discontinue Oil and Gas Forms C-1, C-2, G-9, GT-3, MD-1, R-4 and R-7


The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) will discontinue use of the following oil and gas forms on and after January 1, 2017:

  •          Form C-1, Carbon Black Plant Report
  •          Form C-2, Application for Permit to Operate a Carbon Black Plant
  •          Form G-9, Gas Cycling Report
  •          Form GT-3, Monthly Geothermal Gatherer's Report
  •          Form MD-1, Optional Operator Market Demand Forecast for Gas Well Gas in Prorated Fields
  •          Form R-4, Gas Processing Plant Report of Gas Injected
  •          Form R-7, Pressure Maintenance & Repressuring Plant Report

Discontinuation of these forms is a part of the Texas Oilfield Relief Initiative. The forms were identified as obsolete during a review of all RRC forms required for permit applications and reporting purposes. These forms are not referenced in RRC enabling statutes or RRC rules and either are no longer required to be filed with the RRC or the information collected on these forms is not necessary to the RRC’s regulatory functions. Discontinuing the forms will reduce regulatory and administrative burdens on the oil and gas industry and RRC staff.