RRC Adopts Revisions to Form P-17 and Creation of Commingle Permit Application

March 27, 2019

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has adopted revisions to Form P-17, Application for Exception to Statewide Rules (SWR) 26 and/or 27 (Commingling), its instructions and the new Form P-17A, Commingle Permit Application.

The revised Form P-17 and instructions, and new Form P-17A, will provide clarity and guidance when submitting an exception to an application for a commingling permit. The format of the Form P-17 has been modified to account for instances in which an operator cannot meet the requirements of 16 Texas Administrative Code §3.26(b) [SWR 26(b)] or §3.27(e) [SWR 27(e)] and must obtain an exception and pay the associated fee. The creation of Form P-17A allows an operator to inform the RRC that they are commingling pursuant to SWR 26(b) or SWR 27(e), such that an exception is not required and therefore no fee will be required.

The forms are available for download from the RRC website.