Railroad Commission Adopts Rule Amendments to Reduce Gas Rate Case Legal Expenses for Natural Gas Customers


Railroad Commission Adopts Rule Amendments to Reduce Gas Rate Case Legal Expenses for Natural Gas Customers

AUSTIN –Railroad Commissioners today adopted rule amendments designed to the reduce gas rate case legal expenses that can be passed onto natural gas customers.

The rule amendments adopted today do not change cities’ original jurisdiction over gas rate cases within city limits.  The amendments align the appellate process with rules already outlined in the Texas Administrative Code when a city and natural gas distribution utility company cannot reach an agreement on rates at the city level and therefore file an appeal at the Railroad Commission. This streamlining is ultimately designed to reduce rate case expenses that can be passed onto gas utility customers.

Chairman Christi Craddick said, “The Railroad Commission is responsible for ensuring that a continuous, safe supply of natural gas is available to Texas consumers at the lowest, reasonable price. This rule will reduce legal expenses related to a gas utility rate case, resulting in a lower cost of gas utilities for Texans.”

Commissioner David Porter said, “This new rule aims to reduce the burden of expensive attorney fees on ratepayers across Texas.  It streamlines the rate case processes at the Railroad Commission, which, in turn, will lead to fewer expenses paid for by ratepayers. Reducing such burdens is a goal we constantly strive for here at the Commission.”

Commissioner Barry Smitherman said, “This rule amendment and adoption in no way diminishes the original jurisdiction of cities or the legal ability of intervenors to present their case before the Railroad Commission of Texas.  Additionally, the amendment I proposed today, and which was adopted, makes this effective on Sept. 1, 2015 instead of Dec. 29, 2014, to allow the Texas Legislature to weigh in on this matter, if they so choose, next session.”


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