Commissioner Ryan Sitton to Highlight National Energy Awareness Month Around the State


AUSTIN  — In honor of National Energy Awareness Month, Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton will travel around the state throughout October educating community and oil and gas groups about the enormous impact of energy on our everyday lives, the importance of an all-of-the-above energy strategy, and the path forward to Texas’ energy dominance. 

Established in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush, National Energy Awareness Month’s purpose is to “promote public awareness of our nation's energy needs and the energy options that are available to us. With strong leadership at all levels of government—and with the sustained cooperation of business, industry, energy providers, and concerned consumers—we can implement the sound energy policies and practices that are essential to America's well-being.” 

“In my mind, every month is National Energy Awareness Month. Educating Texans about the role of energy in our state’s economy — and advocating for efficient energy production and environmental stewardship — is ongoing,” Sitton said. “As Texas exponentially grows its production of clean and reliable energy and establishes the U.S. as a global energy leader, it is increasingly important that the public understands how wind, solar, coal, nuclear, oil and natural gas contribute to our all-of-the-above energy strategy.” 

Commissioner Sitton will speak with the following organizations:

  • Winstead’s Annual Oil and Gas Seminar (RSVP closed)
  • Kiwani’s Club of Houston (Sign up here)
  • Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (Sign up here)
  • TXOGA Lone Star Energy Forum (Sign up here)
  • Association of Women in Energy (Sign up here)
  • Texas AE Industry Conference (Sign up here)
  • MEEN 381 Undergraduate Seminar at Texas A&M (Closed)


Commissioner Sitton speaks at the Winstead Oil and Gas Seminar.




Ryan Sitton was elected to the Railroad Commission in 2014 and is the first engineer to serve on the Commission in 50 years. Ryan is one of the world’s leading energy experts and founded PinnacleART, an engineering and technology company focused on reliability and integrity programs for the oil, gas, and petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical, and wastewater industries. As Railroad Commissioner, Ryan is committed to fostering an environment where energy can be responsibly produced as efficiently and effectively as possible.