ICYMI: Read Chairman Christian’s Facts About Flaring in This Week’s USA Today Op-ed


AUSTIN – ICYMI, check out what Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian has to say about flaring in Texas oilfields this week in an op-ed published July 30 in USA Today

While it is always preferable for natural gas be used for its intended purpose of providing cheap, dependable energy, flaring is an important part of America’s rise to energy dominance. Instead of venting gas into the air, flaring is a safer environmental option and prevents pollution by burning gas Chairman Christian notes in his USA Today op-ed, which can be read here.




A lifelong conservative businessman, Wayne Christian was elected as our 50th Texas Railroad Commissioner in November 2016. In June of 2019, Christian was elected to lead the agency as Chairman by his fellow commissioners. Prior to his time at the Commission, Christian served seven Sessions in the Texas House of Representatives, accumulating a strong record of standing for free markets and against burdensome regulations. In addition to his duties as Commissioner, Christian was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to serve as the Official Representative of Texas on the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. Christian is married to his wife, Lisa, and together they have three daughters, Liza, Lindsey and Lauren. You can learn more about Commissioner Christian here: http://www.rrc.state.tx.us/about-us/commissioners/christian/