Railroad Commission Reminds Texans to Transport Propane Cylinders Safely


AUSTIN –– Now that spring is here and barbecue grills are coming out of storage, thousands of 20-pound propane cylinders are being carried to and from Texas propane dealerships to be filled or exchanged. The Railroad Commission—Texas’ state agency in charge of propane safety—reminds outdoor cooks that there is a right way and a wrong way to transport propane cylinders in a vehicle.

“To be safe, remember to close the valve of propane cylinders completely and ensure they are leak-free before moving them,” said Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman. “Carry the cylinder with the relief valve upright, and secure the cylinder in an upright position with a tie-down or bungee cord while it’s in the car trunk or pickup bed.”

Commissioner David Porter said, “Propane cylinders should spend as little time as possible in a car or in the bed of a pickup. Take refilled cylinders directly to your home or business, and remember to store them outdoors, in a shady location.”

Always extinguish smoking materials while transporting or using propane cylinders. And make sure cylinders are stored away from dryer or furnace vents or children’s play areas.

The Railroad Commission also has approved the use of composite propane cylinders for outdoor use. These cylinders made of specialty composite material, don’t rust, are lighter in weight and offer consumers the advantages of transparency, which allows the user to see how much propane is left in the tank.

For more information on how to use propane safely, contact the Railroad Commission’s Alternative Energy Division at (800) 64-CLEAR or visit http://altenergy.rrc.texas.gov and click on “Home Safe Home - Propane Safety Tips.”