RRC Sends Good News to City of Gorman


AUSTIN – The Railroad Commission of Texas has notified Gorman city leaders they can move forward with any potential plans to revitalize a once-popular lake.

Bass Lake, in Frank Gray Memorial Park in Eastland County, was the site of a crude oil spill in 1990. Cleanup occurred immediately following the incident. In 2018 the city entered the Railroad Commission’s Brownfields Response Program to assess the lake for any potential lingering hazards related to the oil spill.

RRC staff worked with an environmental engineering firm to conduct a site assessment and analyze samples of surface water and sediments from the lake, soils along the bank and groundwater from an onsite water well.  Test results for compounds related to the oil spill were all within protective concentration levels.

“Our project in Gorman is another example of how we strive to help communities across Texas safeguard the environment,” said Wei Wang, Executive Director of he Railroad Commission. “Our work at Bass Lake was done in several phases, and we recently completed our work and now this lake can be enjoyed by all Texans for recreational purposes.”  

The RRC issued a Certificate of Completion to the city noting that any risks associated with consumption of fish at the lake is within protective concentration thresholds.

The RRC receives grant funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the Brownfields program, which allows the Commission to conduct free environmental assessments and cleanups, if necessary, at abandoned oil and gas sites. 

Local governments and non-profits can apply for the program. More information on the BRP and other environmental cleanup programs can be found on the RRC website at https://rrc.texas.gov/oil-gas/environmental-cleanup-programs/site-remediation/grant-cleanup-programs/brp/