Railroad Commissioner David Porter Lauds Senator Cruz’s American Energy Renaissance Act

AUSTIN- Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter is in Beaumont today to support U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s American Energy Renaissance Act, a critical measure in ensuring our nation’s oil and gas interests are responsibly developed and properly regulated.

At a press conference with Senator Cruz, Commissioner Porter said, “I am proud to support Senator Cruz, who recognizes the overreaching arm of the federal government and understands the stifling effect it has on Texas, as well as other energy producing states. His plan doesn’t simply address the untapped potential of the Keystone XL pipeline, it outlines steps to expand energy exploration, stop harmful regulations, and eliminate barriers to trade and infrastructure development.”

“It has been one of my biggest goals since taking office to maintain the primacy of state regulations and fend off federal intervention,” Commissioner Porter added. “I’m proud to support Senator Cruz and his plan to help achieve this goal.”

For more information on Senator Cruz’s American Energy Renaissance Act, please visit: http://www.cruz.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=918



David J. Porter was elected to the Texas Railroad Commission on November 2, 2010. A Certified Public Accountant and successful small business owner, Commissioner Porter has worked with oil and gas producers for nearly three decades providing strategic financial advice and tax counsel. He has a long record of pro-business, free market, conservative credentials.

Last Updated: 7/20/2015 12:46:49 PM