Christian Gives Keynote Address at World Oil Forecast Breakfast


AUSTIN – Today, Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian gave the keynote address at the 94th Annual World Oil Forecast Breakfast.

“The United States is the top producer of oil and gas in the world, and Texas is the top producer and exporter in the nation,” said Christian. “While short-term we have seen a slight decline in growth, the industry still managed to produce a record 1.8 billion barrels of oil and 10.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2019.”

This growth is not temporary, as Texas is blessed with tremendous reserves, including the largest find in the history of the world. The United States Geologic Survey assessed a recent discovery in the Permian Basin to be 46 billion barrels of oil and according to RS Energy Group, it could be as large as 230 billion barrels. To put this in perspective, proven oil reserves in the U.S. from Alaska to Brownsville were estimated to be 36.4 billion barrels in 2014.

“The growth of the oil and gas industry in Texas over the last decade has grown our state’s economy, provided energy sovereignty, and most importantly improved our national security,” continued Christian. “Meanwhile, environmentally since 1970, the six major pollutants regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Clean Air Act (CAA) have fallen by 73 percent and worldwide air pollution-related deaths have fallen 27 years in a row. These are just two examples that show both the economy and environment can flourish concurrently - they are not mutually exclusive.”

A lifelong conservative businessman, Wayne Christian was elected as our 50th Texas Railroad Commissioner in November 2016. In June of 2019, Christian was elected to lead the agency as Chairman by his fellow commissioners. Prior to his time at the Commission, Christian served seven Sessions in the Texas House of Representatives, accumulating a strong record of standing for free markets and against burdensome regulations. In addition to his duties as Commissioner, Christian was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to serve as the Official Representative of Texas on the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. Christian is married to his wife, Lisa, and together they have three daughters, Liza, Lindsey and Lauren. You can learn more about Commissioner Christian here: