General Maintenance

General maintenance on several Railroad Commission IT systems will be performed between 7 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 2019 and 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 18, 2019, and 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sunday, May 19, 2019.  During these times some online systems may be unavailable or experience degraded functionality. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve RRC systems and apologize for any inconvenience.

Data Sets User Manuals

The following data sets user manuals are available for download in PDF and Word formats.

Manual TitlesAcrobat PDFWord
2 Year Inactive Well File
(Revised October 2014)
34K 76K
3 Year Inactive Well File
(Revised October 2014)
35K 75K
Drilling Permit Master and Trailer Files
(publication #OGA049 -- March 2004)
122K 267K
Drilling Permit Master and Trailer Plus Latitudes and Longitudes
(April 2014)
395K 349K
Drilling Permit Master with Latitudes and Longitudes
(publication #OGA049M -- July 2004)
159K 476K
Drilling Permits Pending Approval Plus Latitudes and Longitudes
(Revised August 2018)
652K 118K
Field Database
(publication #OGA090 -- November 2015)
1,131K 344K
Form PR Gas Disposition
(publication #OGA086 -- February 2005)
57K 67K
Gas Allowable (Gatherer & Operator)
(publication #GSA011 -- April 1992)
22K 45K
Gas Master
(publication #GSA020 -- October 1998)
104K 223K
Gas Purchaser Stripout
(publication #PSA005 -- March 1992)
36K 81K
Gas Well Test (G-10)
(publication #GSA018 -- October 2009)
14K 35K

Gas Well Data Dump (ASCII format)
(publication #wlu102 -- August 2011)

90K 507K
Natural Gas Policy Act (NGPA)
(publication #NGA002 -- August 1999)
57K 120K
Oil and Gas Annual Report Field Tables
(publication #OGA100 -- November 1998)
29K 64K
Oil and Gas Docket
(publication #ODA037 -- November 1998)
223K 536K
Oil and Gas Field Names & Numbers
(publication #OGA040 -- July 1991)
18K 50K
Oil and Gas Historical Ledger
(publication #LDA001 -- January 2004)
107K 55K
Oil Allowable (Gatherer & Operator)
(publication #OLA020 -- February 1990)
17K 44K
Oil Detail Well
(publication #OLA028 -- July 2001)
18K 42K
Oil Master
(publication #OLA013 -- October 1998)
121K 264K
Oil Well Data Dump (ASCII format)
(publication #wlu103 -- August 2011)
90K 507K
Oil Well Status (W-10)
(publication #OLA001 -- October 1998)
15K 37K
Online Completion Data Subscription User Manual (November 2017) 399K 6,360K
Organization Report (P-5)
(publication #ORA001 -- October 2014)
122K 63K
P-4 Database
(publication #P4A002 -- July 2012)
210K 120K
PDQ Operator's Production and Disposition Volumes by Lease by Month
(Revised June 2014)
142K 47K
Pipeline Master
(publication #PLA028 -- July 2002)
32K 76K
Production Data Query (PDQ) Dump
(Revised September 21, 2018)
478k 106K
Production Database
(publication #PDA001 -- January 2005)
107K 227K
Production Reports with Pending Leases/IDs
(Revised 11/1/2017)
359K 64K
R-3 Gas Processing Plants
(publication #GRA001 -- November 1992)
64K 282K
Schedule Snapshot Database
(publication #SSA001 -- March 1993)
21K 55K
Top Operator/Officer Download
(publication #OGA095 -- January 1998)
11K 40K
Underground Injection Control (UIC)
(publication #UIA010 -- March 2016)
552K 102K
Well Bore Database
(publication #WBA091 -- September 2017)
155K 99K
Well Bore Query Data (RRC Online Oil & Gas Queries) User Manual
(November 2013)
105K 67K
Well Database
(publication #WLA001 -- October 2009)
185K 426K


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